Plant profile: sorrel

Rumex acetosa

Sorrel Rumex acetosa

I’m not sure whether to describe sorrel as a ‘humble green’ or not. It’s zingy, it’s surprising, it’s versatile. Maybe not humble. It’s just that it’s around all the time, a dependable green.

If you search the web for ‘what to do with sorrel’, you’ll likely be recommended fish dishes. You can do that. Like parsley and dill, sorrel is classicly paired with fish. Do not stop there, though.

The young, small leaves of sorrel go well in a spring salad. Or a winter salad. For me, this plant is evergreen, always on hand. . I’m sure it could be added to smoothies too, adding a citrust punch! But without the imported fruit.

My favourite recipe is a dhal. Chukka Kura Pappu. Simple and warming. And it uses a load of sorrel leaves. This plant crops so abundantly, you’ll be glad of the recipes suggestions. The plant also self-seeds if you let it – a good one to have in your forest garden, or in a 5+ litre pot in your yard.

The image is of De Belleville, which we offer. We also hope to have buckler leaved sorrel and sorrel Profusion, which doesn’t go to seed.

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  1. Great enterprise! So glad we have a plant cooperative here in Belper. Love your posts and photos. It’s great that your organic/Vegan and really care about veggie growing and the environment.

    Bought a Taunton Dean plant from the stall last week outside the Vegan cafe. I’m trying to introduce more perennials into my garden, so I shall probably be buying a few more plants from your stall at Belper Lane End. I’d like to buy a Good King Henry and a nine star perennial cabbage/ caulli?

    Happy veggie growing.

    Michelle Adams


    1. Thanks for your support, Michelle. Hope your kale is happy and bountiful. Look forward to seeing you again soon. We don’t have any nine star cauli yet, we haven’t met one we love yet.


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