Saturday 20 May 2023, Belper

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9:00 Arrive at Strutts Community Centre

9:45 Welcome, intros, schedule

Case studies 

10:00-10:30 TALK @ Room 14: Nat Hurst, Greenheart in the City- setting up a multifunctional forest garden educational space

10:00-10:30 TALK @ Strutts Hall:  PK Whalen, Globe Foundation – about eco hub and shop with education in Uttoxeter

10:30-11.00 TALK @ Room 14:  Marisha Kay, Hidden Potential Recycling CIC – about hidden potential cic collecting hard to recycle items direct from doorsteps

10:30-11.00 TALK @ Strutts Hall:  Paul Paine, Ecoworks Nottingham – The forage ring project

11:00 Break & Browse Stalls – Stalls by Permaculture Association national permaculture network, Mycosia, Matt Ralston’s tools, Earthed Up! plants, compost and more, Seed swap. Hire a stall to sell or show your stuff £10 (there is only space for 1 more).

11:15 Kathryn Baker, Permaculture Association – talk about projects and LAND network

Planning collective action World Café. With the aim of finding collective solutions to common issues, we will, in small groups explore topics such as: learning, resources & funding, compost sourcing, event organising and anything that comes up. We can rotate round the topics, moving as we feel motivated to. You can promote your project here – bring flyers!

12:10 Communal Lunch – Spanish omelette & Super salad at Strutts catered by Vegan Revelation.


13:00 – 14:00 De Bradelei courtyard (7 min walk from Strutts) WORKSHOP: Foraged delights with Rose Dawson around Belper

13:00 – 14:00 De Bradelei courtyard (7 min walk from Strutts)  WORKSHOP: Edible mushrooms with Mycosia

14:20 – 15.00 De Bradelei courtyard Open space + WORKSHOP: Matt Ralston rocket stove demo

**Belper Community Hall is 7 minute walk from De Bradelei**

14:20 – 15.00 Community Hall garden WORKSHOP: Perennial edibles with Earthed Up!

15:15 Community hall garden WORKSHOP: Bokashi, Martyn Richards, Agriton UK

15:15 Community hall WORKSHOP: Sarah Spencer, Think like a tree

15:15 De Bradelei courtyard WORKSHOP: Fermented food demonstration with Dena, Sprout 

16:00 Community hall garden WORKSHOP: Biochar with Matt Ralston

16:30 Community hall Open Space

16.45 Closing Circle @ Belper Community Hall

Details are subject to change because that’s natural.


Story shares and case studies

Paul Paine, Ecoworks

Sharing Ecoworks’ new project that shows the permaculture designed community garden. For nearly 25 years, they have opened the garden gates within the St Anns allotments to the local community.

Nat Hurst

Nat has spent 15 years of working in outdoor education and ten of those using permaculture mainly within school gardens and community spaces. Greenheart focus on therapeutic, earth benefitting and food security related education and activities.

PK, Globe Foundation

An non-profit organisation, Globe Foundation integrates an eco hub and shop with education in Uttoxeter.

Marisha Kay, Hidden Potential CIC

A CIC collecting hard to recycle items direct from doorsteps. An innovative model making it easier for everyone to lessen the impact of their consumption.

Practical Workshops

Brendan McDowell, Mycosia

At Mycosia we are Fungi Fanatics! We love eating them, finding them, growing them, and especially talking about them! Join this session to learn all about the marvellous world of mushrooms. Find out why they are so fantastic, and learn how to grow them yourself! You can also make your very own mini mushroom grow pot to take home with you.

Martyn Richards, Agriton UK

Martyn Richards is a bokashi expert with Agriton UK. He will be giving a talk on the benefits of bokashi composting and how to do it at home, in the garden, and in commercial/horticultural systems. Bokashi is a natural fermentation process that can be used to compost any organic waste. We will be learning how to make a green mulch bokashi heap (by doing it)!

Sarah Spencer, Think Like A Tree

Our organisations, businesses and communities are currently facing multiple inter-related crises, economic, climate and ecological, that are challenging our assumptions about how best to live and work.

Nature offers an alternative to the dominant narratives of control and linear-thinking. When we think and act like living systems, we create thriving, resilient and abundant organisations, even when times are tough. This interactive workshop will explore what being ‘regenerative’ means, and how we can bring living systems to life within our organisations.

Sarah Spencer is a trainer, mentor, consultant and author of Think like a Tree: The natural principles guide to life and Inspired by Trees: creative workbook.

Leise, Vegan Revelation and Dena, Sprout Co-op

Ferments to feed your gut and nourish your soul. Dena will show you to create a simple fermented dish from scratch, with Leise adding plenty of suggestions of how to use ferments in your cooking.

Rose Dawson

Seasonal foraged crafting to make a concoction to delight. Rose is based in Belper and shares her skill of foraging, herbs and natural remedies.

Matt Ralston

Rocket stoves, making biochar, tools and all that kind of stuff. Matt uses permaculture to grow edible landscapes and create bespoke tools, in Mansfield.

Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Earthed Up!

Plants. Plants that come back each year that you can eat. Discover some new perennial edibles for your garden.


Permaculture Association national permaculture network


Matt Ralston’s tools

Earthed Up! plants, compost and more

Seed swap

Hire a stall to sell or show your stuff £10 (there is only space for 1 more).

The EcoCentrics podcast

The Ecocentrics is a podcast w/News & Information on everyday issues, challenges, and solutions around climate change and sustainability.

PK Whalen, a Derbyshire-based presenter on The EcoCentrics, will be onsite during the festival to chat with individuals and organisations about the festival, permaculture and other nature-based projects. Come and share your thoughts and ideas with her.