Nitrogen fixing plants – a poster

Nitrogen is one of the major micronutrients required by plants. It is one of the most common factors limiting their growth in many ecosystems. Most leguminous and some non-leguminous (actinorhizal) plants can form symbiotic relationships with bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia – a form that can be taken up and used by plants.Continue reading “Nitrogen fixing plants – a poster”

Plant profile: skirret

Sium sisarum. A perennial parsnip. Well, sort of. Skirret was a vegetable that the Romans introduced to the British isles. Probably from China before the Romans cultivated this forgotten root veg. It was a favourite of Emperor Tiberius – if that doesn’t sway you to include it in your garden, well… Skirret will reward youContinue reading “Plant profile: skirret”