We offer perennial vegetables, fruit, herbs and a small range of wildflowers.

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Grow our own

We grow all our own plants. This means we can guarantee their quality and know about how they grow.

Peat free • No harmful chemicals • Recycled and/or reused plastic pots & we’re trialing alternatives.

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Meet some of our plants

Scroll down the page to see some highlights from our range of edible and useful plants.

Prices are subject to change and availability naturally changes throughout the year.

Perennial vegetables

Long Lasting Veg Pack

Taunton Deane perennial kale 2l
Good King Henry 2l
Chinese Artichokes 2l
Red Russian kale 9cm
Sorrel green de Belleville 9cm
Bunching onions 9cm

The plants chosen provide harvests thoughout the year. Leaves and tubers for salads and for cooking. The specific contents are subject to change slightly depending on availability.

£28 (at least a £3 saving)

Extend the Season Pack

Dalefoot organic wool compost for seeds 12litres
2 packs of seeds
Taunton Deane perennial kale 2l
Minutina 2l
Sorrel green de Belleville 9cm
Parsley 9cm

We’ve put together this selection to help you grow more food throughout the year. The plants chosen are around for much of the year and in some cases all of it. We also include seeds for bountiful produce and seed compost for you to give them the best start and plenty to sow even more seeds. The specific contents are subject to change slightly depending on availability.

£28 (at least a £2 saving)

Root crops


Introduced by the Romans but unfortunately largely forgotten. A perennial parsnip, sort of. Delicious, nutty roots form like fingers, cook by boiling or roasting briefly. Some roots have a tendency to have a woody core. Great pollinator plant, being an umbel it’s attractive to hoverflies. Grows to 1.8m. Unfussy – sun to semi-shade, does better when wet.

2 litre pot. Available bareroot in the autumn.


Perennial plant for edible tubers harvested in autumn, also a good seasonal windbreak. Grow in sun. In the sunflower family, so in some summers will produce small sunflowers. Very little care needed, good famine plant. Contains inulin, which some may find a little hard to digest. Roast like potatoes but not for as long, or can be pickled.

9cm pot

Chinese artichokes

Perennial plant for the small, crunchy edible tubers harvested autumn through to spring. Use like water chestnut in stir fries or just snack on it raw. Looks like a mint, is related to mint, doesn’t smell. Grow in sun or part shade.

2 litre pot

Leaf crops

Perennial kales

Taunton Deane – growing to large shrub size, over 2 metres wide and high. Hardly ever flowers, so is long lived. Purple tinged stems. Mild flavour.

Daubenton’s – low-growing with small leaves that are good in salads or cooked.

9cm pot

Good King Henry

Perennial kale growing to large shrub size. Hardly ever flowers, so is long lived. Purple tinged stems. Mild flavour.

9cm pot


Also known as buckshorn plantain owing to its relation to those native plants. A perennial salad leaf, good as a base. Evergreen for us!

9cm pot

Purple plantain

A beautiful purple leaves form of broad leaved plantain. It looks great, grows well, young leaves can be eaten and they are used medicinally on the skin.

9cm pot


Gooseberry Black Velvet

A gooseberry-worcesterberry. Strong, upright bush giving good crops from the second year. The fruit is sweet, red and delicious.

Soil grown, potted March 2022.

5 litre pot


A hybrid berry, cross of gooseberries and blackcurrant. Fruit the size of gooseberry, tastes like a mild blackcurrant; good to add to preserves and desserts or stewed with other fruit for porridge, muesli etc. A fast, strong growing shrub to 2m. Soil grown, potted March 2022.

5 litre pot


Mixed kales and herbs

Red Russian kale, Cavolo Black Magic kale, Coriander, and others soon: basils and more annual herbs.

£2, 8cm and £5 for 3.

Comfrey Bocking 14

Deep rooting perennial mineral accumulator, high in potassium. Leaves can be cut to make plant feed or added to your compost heap. Can be cut up to 4 times a year if in fertile soil. Left to flower, it provides nectar adored by bees. This variety doesn’t produce viable seed so is propagated by roots.

£4, 9cm


Attractive perennial growing to 1.2 m. Small purple-centred flowers later summer. Leaves eaten raw or cooked, also flowers raw. Roots are used medicinally.

£6, 9cm


Moroccan (top photo), Chocolate mint (bottom photo), Black peppermint, Bowles mint, Strawberry mint. A delectable selection for different uses. Strawberry mint is delicate, good in salads or summer cocktails. Moroccan is a strong all rounder, for youghurt dips or on your new potatoes. Peppermint and Bowles make nice teas.

£4, 9cm

£6, 2 litres


Native, perennial herb. Architectural. Self seeds moderately. Great for snacking on in the garden with its aniseed flavoured leaves. The tall umbel flowers are great for pollinators. If left to set seed, these can be harvested for use in sauces, breads etc.

£4, 9cm

£6 2 litres

Korean Mint

Agastache rugosa

A lovely perennial herb for people and bees, spikes of purple flowers. Has a mild aniseed flavour great for tea, or leaves used in stir fries. Clumps up year on year.

£5, 9cm pot


Hyssopus officinalis

Read more in this plant profile.

£4, 9cm pot

Dye plants

We are growing dyer’s chamomile, madder, woad, weld, dyer’s coreopsis. Details coming here soon.

We have many, many more plants. This is just a selection. We don’t sell by mail order, please come and see us to discover our full range.