New Product! Nutrient-enriched Biochar Locally Sourced – from just a couple of miles away.

Biochar is soils best friend because of it’s physical and chemical nature. Its immense surface area provides a habitat for beneficial soil micro-organisms and fungi. It also has a unique ability for attracting and holding moisture and nutrients which could be held on to in the soil for hundreds of years.  Our Biochar is inoculated with our natural plant feed. Biochar can be incorporated into borders, potting mediums or planting hole infills, ideally in spring. Spring timing maximises the opportunity for root-uptake of the added nutrients. 

We add biochar into our potting mix and found that 40% shows great results on the health of the plants.

Biochar is biologically inoculated charcoal. We use charcoal from a small woodland in Alderwasley. We then add natural plant feed and ferment for at least a week.

Biochar is good to add to your potting mix or garden beds. We use it! In trials, we saw a 50% increase in seedling size versus potting compost without biochar. Biochar can help to retain moisture and nutrients. It’s known to persist in the soil for hundreds of years.

Available from us loose by the litre. Our biochar is locally sourced and is inoculated with nettle & comfrey tea and worm leachate.

£5 a litre

Use the contact form below to order yours for collection at Belper Lane End.