Co-operation is key. Our mission is to help people regenerate themselves and the land they have stewardship over. We work with many others to try and meet this mission.

Critically, we work with all Life: building the soil food web not depleting it and we aim to create abundance for people and other animals, through nurturing plants and fungi.

We are a registered society, operating as a workers co-operative. This means workers are members, who co-own the business. We manage the business collectively. As a team, we communicate openly, with regular meetings to help the day to day run smoothly and quarterly strategic meetings.

How we can work with you


  • We can give talks and workshops
  • You could put together a bulk peat free compost order
  • We can help talk through garden and project ideas
  • We are committed to donating a percentage of our plants for community and public plantings


  • Explore our products and services
  • Come visit us – see our about page for where we are
  • Invest in us by offering loanstock
  • Talk to others about us and what we do
  • We can offer you a garden consultation

Who we’re working with

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Places to learn

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