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What we do

Earthed Up! is a workers co-operative growing edible and useful plants.

Our aims are to increase food resilience, to encourage soil regeneration and carbon capture, by making perennial food plants easily available. We work within the ethics of earth care, people care and fair shares.

We are proud to grow all our own plants without ever using peat. We grow ecologically and naturally, without using harmful chemicals. We minimise the amount of plastic we use and wherever possible don’t use new plastic products.

Buy Melcourt SylvaGrow peat free compost

£8.50 per standard bag (vegan friendly).
£9 per bag for certified organic (contains manure).
50p delivery within 4 miles of Belper, £1.50 4-10 miles.

Please email compost@earthedup.com
with: 1. which compost, 2. how many bags you’d like and 3. your address if for delivery (within 10 miles of Belper). We’ll confirm your order and detail how to pay. We deliver twice a week or you can collect from us at a market or event.

Standard available.
Organic no longer available from us until Winter.

We will be taking at least a 2 week pause on taking compost orders in August due to a member on paternity leave. Please order your compost ASAP for delivery in July.

Melcourt have been making quality compost for 20 years. SylvaGrow is made of tree bark, wood fibre and sustainably sourced coir; urea is added to the standard mix but the certified organic has farmyard manure. Full information about the compost contents here: https://www.melcourt.co.uk/products/gardener/peat-free-composts

Sylvagrow peat free compost Belper Derbyshire

Sylvagrow multipurpose peat free compost comes in 50 litre bags.

Latest journal posts

  • Things that go jump in the night
    I am on my nightly slug patrol, in the cool breeze after another hot day. My headtorch illuminating the slime trails. I pick some of those little pale slugs from under the pots of Good King Henry. They’re sprinkled with confetti from the neighbouring wild carrot flowers. There’s a giant orange-skirted slimer heading for the Taunton Deane kale! I send that one on a flight; the Taunton Deane would have put up a good fight all the same – IContinue reading “Things that go jump in the night”
  • Sharing our house
    I’ve been to different corners of Derbyshire these last couple of days. From Wessington to Crich, Shottle, to Derby. We deliver SylvaGrow peat free compost within 10 miles of our base in Belper. While delivering, it’s obvious to me that our customers enjoy welcoming others to their gardens. Whether that’s someone delivering peat free compost for a brief natter about what’s growing or bumblebees on wildflowers outside the back door. One customer had a surprising delight by their front door.Continue reading “Sharing our house”
  • Singin’ in the rain
    For the past month or more, our main focus beyond plant growing and getting ready for markets has been constructing a massive compost bay. To house woodchip and manure that over time will become compost for mulching our outdoor beds. Also, to harvest gallons of rainwater from the bay roof! A long stretch of dry and sunshine in early Spring. The sunniest on record and one of the driest. “The National Climate Information Centre at the Met Office revealed thatContinue reading “Singin’ in the rain”
  • The fun of fungi
    I was asked today by a customer about some mushrooms that had appeared in their compost. They had bought Sylvagrow certified organic peat free compost. To fill new raised beds. They emailed us asking if we could deliver more. It’s nice to meet you and your gardens when delivering compost. On this occasion, we got chatting about small white mushrooms that appeared in the organic compost. “White mushrooms or white mycelium?” I thought. We chatted some more and I’m quiteContinue reading “The fun of fungi”