We want to help you regenerate land that you have stewardship over. We want to help you regenerate yourself!

Embracing perennial plants opens up opportunities.

Buy peat free compost

Sylvagrow multipurpose peat free compost comes in 50 litre bags.

£8.50 per bag. £9 per bag for the certified organic option. Plus 50p delivery charge.

To place your pre-order, please just email compost@earthedup.com
with how many bags you’d like and your address if you’d like it delivered (within 10 miles of Belper). We’ll reply to confirm and detail how to pay. No minimum order.

Our story

Four growers stood with wheelbarrows in a snowy paddock.
Ryan, Katie, Ali (and Matt)

We are three friends passionate about edible and useful plants. We started our cooperative business in 2020 and will be offering a diverse selection of plants for sale from this summer.

Fill in our survey to help us understand what you’re looking for when shopping for plants.

You can help shape the course of our new co-op by letting us know what and how you want to buy plants.

Latest journal posts

  • Compossibilities
    With plentiful biological life in our soils, there are endless possibilities. In our gardens, with endless compost come endless possibilities! Many of an organic gardener’s problems can be solved with more compost. Too many weeds competing with crops? Mulch with compost. Too dry? Add more compost. Not enough fertility? More compost. I could go on. And on and on. I really love compost. How do we get to having plentiful rich organic matter, though? Here are some approaches. Darlek* Exterminate…Continue reading “Compossibilities”
  • Abundant thinking
    We’ve been doing an abundance of thinking. Now, there is plenty of doing. Since September, we’ve been working together planning how to set up Earthed Up! What plants will we grow, where? How do plant health regulations apply? Where will we sell? We’ve launched a market research survey this past week to help. Thanks to the hundred people that have already submitted responses! Now, we’re finding there’s plenty to do too. There have been some struggles in sourcing materials. InContinue reading “Abundant thinking”
  • polyculture eyes
    Above all else a forest gardener needs to be in touch with their garden.  My book ‘the garden of equal delights’ is my attempt to discover the essence of the relationship between a forest gardener and their forest garden, and thereby to tease out some fundamental principles to guide that relationship.  The key to unlocking […] polyculture eyes Happy to share this from Anni Kelsey. Her latest book is an enjoyable read that’s bound to challenge how you see yourContinue reading “polyculture eyes”
  • Assembling
    For months now, we’ve been getting everything together. We still are. There’s no end to preparing and making new plans. We’re proud to be starting out in business. Excited to be making yet more garden spaces. Can there ever be enough gardens in our lives?