What we do

Earthed Up! is a workers co-operative based in Belper, Derbyshire. 2021 is our first year of trading, we’re really grateful for all the support we’re receiving from the community.

***We will soon be recruiting a new member and are finalising details. Please get in touch if you may be interested in working with us.***

We grow and sell edible and useful plants – vegetables, fruit and herbs, preferring perennials. We also sell quality peat free compost. We are looking forward to launching an education programme for 2022.

Grow perennial food
Zero food miles, zero packaging, lo maintenance, nutritious food for you, the soil and wildlife year after year.

We are proud to grow all our own plants, without ever using peat. We grow ecologically and naturally, without using harmful chemicals. We minimise the amount of new plastic we use – plant pots are reused and/or recyclable.

Our range of plants includes perennial vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, dye plants and wildflowers. We have the first of our fruiting shrubs and trees ready now.

Latest journal posts

  • Sowing and Growing in September…
    Earthed Up! focus on growing edible perennials and other useful plants. I like to mix up my perennial veg with annual plants and wildflowers too. I am developing ‘Polycultural’ beds in my garden that were first intended as annual veg beds. Polyculture simply means growing different plants together, rather than in a Monoculture. Currently I have a bed with Borlotti beans which I will harvest soon, underneath there is Lambs lettuce ( like a mini lettuce) which has self seededContinue reading “Sowing and Growing in September…”
  • Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis
    Earthed Up! grow edible and useful plants and we have a range of plants for dyeing fibres, such as perennials Madder and Dyers chamomile. The range also includes easy to grow plants such as Woad – a biennial giving blue colour, that can perennialise, and Dyer’s Coreopsis which is a hardy annual. You may know Coreopsis as there are many types. This one is particularly good for getting pigment which may yield yellows, oranges or browns from it’s abundant flowers.Continue reading “Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis”
  • Things that go jump in the night
    I am on my nightly slug patrol, in the cool breeze after another hot day. My headtorch illuminating the slime trails. I pick some of those little pale slugs from under the pots of Good King Henry. They’re sprinkled with confetti from the neighbouring wild carrot flowers. There’s a giant orange-skirted slimer heading for the Taunton Deane kale! I send that one on a flight; the Taunton Deane would have put up a good fight all the same – IContinue reading “Things that go jump in the night”
  • Sharing our house
    I’ve been to different corners of Derbyshire these last couple of days. From Wessington to Crich, Shottle, to Derby. We deliver SylvaGrow peat free compost within 10 miles of our base in Belper. While delivering, it’s obvious to me that our customers enjoy welcoming others to their gardens. Whether that’s someone delivering peat free compost for a brief natter about what’s growing or bumblebees on wildflowers outside the back door. One customer had a surprising delight by their front door.Continue reading “Sharing our house”

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