Falling into autumn abundance - There’s no two ways about it, it’s autumn. Are you too stubbornly avoiding the central heating? Through thriftiness and denial about the turn of the season. That’s me. While also taking long gazes towards the kindling stacks, formed mostly of last winter’s fruit tree prunings. Perhaps we’ll have our first fire of the autumn tonight,Continue reading "Falling into autumn abundance"
And what is in your compost? - Not peat! Certainly not from 2024. You must have seen. You’ve heard the news, right? Maybe you heard us shout “About bloody time!” “Sales of peat for use on private gardens and allotments will be banned in England from 2024, the government has announced.” “Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store but only approximately 13%Continue reading "And what is in your compost?"
A Time to plant and a time to uproot - As we trudged back from our blackberry picking yesterday my daughter said ‘ that was the best walk ever…’ Admittedly, we did stop at the pub halfway round and we came home full of blackberries and with stained bright purple fingers! There is half a pot of berries stewing on the stove as I writeContinue reading "A Time to plant and a time to uproot"
Plenty of food, we just need places to grow it! - Starkholmes Allotments We’ve grown plants aplenty. To allow them to flourish into abundant crops, they find homes in gardens. If there are more gardens there is more food, if there’s more plants, can there be more gardens? Not quite. There are obstacles in the way of that. There are scarce few funds to enable agroecologicalContinue reading "Plenty of food, we just need places to grow it!"
Regenerative farming – a comment piece from Andy Cato - Andy Cato of Wildfarmed has published a comment piece in the Guardian. There are some eloquently expressed truths about our current dominant food system. Andy Cato is co-founder of Wildfarmed. He is also one half of Groove Armada So it’s up to us to create field-to-plate networks whereby citizens can, through their food choices,Continue reading "Regenerative farming – a comment piece from Andy Cato"
Perennial edibles – get to know more plants - Thursday 2 June, 11-12.30 in our garden at Belper Lane End. Join us for a detailed overview of some of our plants. Vegetables, salad leaves, fruit – see the plants, hear how we grow them, and how we use them. Food plants that are reliably there, with zero food miles. We’d like to invite youContinue reading "Perennial edibles – get to know more plants"
Hyssop – An Easter Tale - Later, knowing that everything had now been finished, and so that Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ lips. When he had received the drink, JesusContinue reading "Hyssop – An Easter Tale"
Plants sale 26 March – Belper Lane End - See (page coming soon) for full information of what we’ll have. Lots of plants and more besides! We’ll be at our patch at Belper Lane End. Our About page has directions.
Peat free – the importance of keeping peat in the ground. - Ryan, a founding member of Earthed Up! is a signatory on a joint statement from hundreds of organisations and individuals. You can read the full statement at: Switch to peat free compost to save peat bogs & combat climate change. And push for others to do the same. The statement starts: “Continuing to extract,Continue reading "Peat free – the importance of keeping peat in the ground."
Compost comparisons – what compost to use for sowing seeds and plants in pots? - We stock peat free compost – Melcourt SylvaGrow and Dalefoot wool compost. You can order by email and collect on Fridays or we deliver to Belper, Derbyshire and surrounding towns and villages. You can buy peat free compost from Earthed Up! in Derbyshire. Which to use, though? In this post, Ryan runs through some ofContinue reading "Compost comparisons – what compost to use for sowing seeds and plants in pots?"