We’ve been doing an abundance of thinking. Now, there is plenty of doing.

Since September, we’ve been working together planning how to set up Earthed Up! What plants will we grow, where? How do plant health regulations apply? Where will we sell? We’ve launched a market research survey this past week to help. Thanks to the hundred people that have already submitted responses!

Now, we’re finding there’s plenty to do too. There have been some struggles in sourcing materials. In a COVID climate, post-Brexit, some resources are scarce. Lots of people want to order seeds for the new growing season, tough and durable module trays too, and chicken wire! We take great care in responsibly sourcing from reputable businesses and only buy new when there’s no second-hand option.

As we start to see our spaces come together, with new beds of beautiful dark compost, we can dream of future abundance. We will have many plants for your gardens, lots of food for ourselves and the earthworms and bumblebees!

In her book 7 Ways to Think Differently, Looby Macnamara writes of abundance thinking, “Nature is an expert in creating abundances.” By working with Nature’s ebbs and flows, we can create enough for everyone. We look forward to building our business around meeting other’s needs. Keeping you supplied with edible and and useful plants.

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