I’ve been to different corners of Derbyshire these last couple of days. From Wessington to Crich, Shottle, to Derby. We deliver SylvaGrow peat free compost within 10 miles of our base in Belper.

While delivering, it’s obvious to me that our customers enjoy welcoming others to their gardens. Whether that’s someone delivering peat free compost for a brief natter about what’s growing or bumblebees on wildflowers outside the back door.

One customer had a surprising delight by their front door. I don’t mean a rare orchid or luscious perennial kale, no. These were insects, finding their way into the mortar of the house by the door. Masonry bees! What an unavoidable, delightful distraction from our conversation.

Last year, at home, we had bumblebees in the eaves at the front, starlings at the back. Wasps in a compost bin. Worms working in the soil. The year before we even had honey bees in the chimney! All are welcome.

I garden organically and everybody is welcome in my garden too. I try to create different habitats and allow plenty of flowers and water. I caught a hedgehog on the wildlife camera this past week, snorting around looking for bugs.

By using only my own homemade compost in the garden and SylvaGrow peat free for growing seedlings and cuttings, I know I’m not relying too much on resources from other places. Peat bogs can be left be, to regenerate back to thriving ecosystems bursting with unique flora and fauna.

Damselflies on sundews

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