And what is in your compost?

Not peat! Certainly not from 2024. You must have seen. You’ve heard the news, right? Maybe you heard us shout “About bloody time!” “Sales of peat for use on private gardens and allotments will be banned in England from 2024, the government has announced.” “Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store but only approximately 13%Continue reading “And what is in your compost?”

Peat free – the importance of keeping peat in the ground.

Ryan, a founding member of Earthed Up! is a signatory on a joint statement from hundreds of organisations and individuals. You can read the full statement at: Switch to peat free compost to save peat bogs & combat climate change. And push for others to do the same. The statement starts: “Continuing to extract,Continue reading “Peat free – the importance of keeping peat in the ground.”

Compost comparisons – what compost to use for sowing seeds and plants in pots?

We stock peat free compost – Melcourt SylvaGrow and Dalefoot wool compost. You can order by email and collect on Fridays or we deliver to Belper, Derbyshire and surrounding towns and villages. You can buy peat free compost from Earthed Up! in Derbyshire. Which to use, though? In this post, Ryan runs through some ofContinue reading “Compost comparisons – what compost to use for sowing seeds and plants in pots?”

Nitrogen fixing plants – a poster

Nitrogen is one of the major micronutrients required by plants. It is one of the most common factors limiting their growth in many ecosystems. Most leguminous and some non-leguminous (actinorhizal) plants can form symbiotic relationships with bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia – a form that can be taken up and used by plants.Continue reading “Nitrogen fixing plants – a poster”