Getting to know the neighbours

We are appreciative of the people helping us grow by giving us access to their land. We are taking a patchwork approach in our early days. We have 3 growing sites, all around the Belper area.

Our largest site is a former paddock, with majestic oak trees and some shimmering silver birch. We are slowly but surely succeeding spiky bracken with beds of rich compost. A polytunnel helps us bring on precious young seedlings, which will grow to be useful plants for years to come.

One of our other sites, we are renting from the previous gardener who has been tending the dark, fertile soil for decades.

We enjoy greeting passers by and sharing our progress.

Our neighbours there walk on four legs. We enjoy saying hello and getting to know their personalities. We patched up the dry stone wall to be sure they keep to their field, though. Perhaps this friendly gang were the original inspiration for the Belper moo!

Our third site is of a different character still. A residential back garden left to rewild for many years. We are making the space more accessible for the family, while growing on some of our stock plants. Mature trees create a woodland atmosphere as well as providing welcome shelter from the wind and habitat for wild birds and small mammals. There is still lots to explore.

We’re proud to be growing in Belper, making new friends and developing relationships with people, plants, and place.

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