At the beginning of our journey into building a plant Nursery…..It’s the 22nd of January and I’m excited to see the Sweet Cicely are coming up, along with Chervil. It’s hard to believe that they have liked the past month of frosty, snowy and rainy weather but there they are popping up.

Chervil can be grown all year round, and although not a perennial, it is so easy to grow and can self seed if left in a shady place to set seed. A nice mild aniseed flavour good for salad and cooking.

Sweet Cicely is a herbaceous perennial for dappled shade that can be used in salads. I’m looking forward to establishing some plants in my garden as it is one of Martin Crawford’s favourite salad plants, so a good recommendation.

Other winter things going on- an abundance of the short lived perennial Daubentons Kale, good pickings of the greens – Minutina aka Erba Stella (a self seeder), and seedlings of Good King Henry growing on in pots. Good King Henry is a perennial spinach substitute that grows happily in the shade. You can eat the seeds too. You can divide the plant or grow from seed as I have done this year.

Spring is on its way!

Minutina aka Erba Stella, popular in Italy. You can also see a few woad leaves at the bottom. The woad is ready to be potted up for sale.

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