There’s no two ways about it, it’s autumn.

Are you too stubbornly avoiding the central heating? Through thriftiness and denial about the turn of the season. That’s me. While also taking long gazes towards the kindling stacks, formed mostly of last winter’s fruit tree prunings. Perhaps we’ll have our first fire of the autumn tonight, or in the morning.

Our set up at the Derbyshire Woodland Festival

September was busy! We sold more plants than any other month before. We were at festivals, we ran demonstrations, we met a lot of people. And we are getting ready to teach the last day course of the year.

Autumn has provided. Cash that we need to pay ourselves as workers, to keep growing gardens and the business through the winter. New flushes of green growth after the welcome rains, allowing plants to photosynthesize before storing energy in their roots for the winter. Feedback and positivity from many people, giving us confidence as we head into the winter, where we will plan for a new Spring – our third.

We know there will be more perennial edible and useful plants, more compost to care for your soil, and more learning together.

Now it’s time for storing that abundance, to fall back on in leaner times. And to slow down. We’re reducing our paid hours from October. We can’t afford not to. We will concentrate our effort into workdays at our gardens. We’d very much appreciate you coming along to help and garden with us.

Work together and a bareroot sale date

On 26 November, we will have a workday at Belper Lane End. And our first bareroot plant sale of the season!

We have a lot of healthy plants to dig up this winter, to divide into your gardens. Moving plants when they’re dormant means they’re less stressed and can get rooted before a warm spring. It also means we don’t have to put the plants in plastic pots of imported compost – something we’re planning to evolve away from next year.

Make sure you’re on our mailing list (sign up on our homepage) to receive our bareroot stocklist. It should include favourite plants like black lace elder, red velvet gooseberry, marshmallow and quite a bit more.

We will set more dates too. We’ve plans and plenty of garden space to grow into. We can’t and don’t want to do it alone. And watch for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in October.


Many thanks to everyone that has supported us. Thanks for the conversations about soil health and perennial food plants. Thanks for buying plants and compost from us, for learning with us. Thanks for the loans. And thanks to the workers!

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