Maybe I can find space to grow Brussels Sprouts next year. Some of those nice looking red ones. Chillies will be sown in January. And the first of the leeks.

Seed catalogues have started to drop through the letterbox.

Where are the gaps?

As the temperatures rebound almost 20 degrees warmer than last week, I start to think about what gaps have been made in the garden, some perennials looking like they may not make it.

Couve Galega kale, a typically half-hardy kale for me, with the potential to perennialise. This one was self-sown. Let’s see if it comes through winter.

It is very much bareroot season. My fridge and the polytunnel have a lot of root crops ready for sale. The Earthed Up! garden has plenty of fruit and vegetable plants. There is a lot of planting to be done! If you want to fill some gaps in your garden with interesting edible and useful plants, place your order and arrange collection.

Yet, the unsolicited paper seed catalogues from companies we’ve sourced from this year bring with them temptation. Ooh, look at that selection of oriental vegetables, melons could be interesting, ah yes trombocino squash!

So, I better get a good supply of compost for sowing and wash some module trays.

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