Sping Plant Sale Sunday 26th March 2023 at our garden in Belper Lane End 11am-3pm Perennial vegetables, fruit, peat free compost, biochar, books

We are having our first plant sale of 2023 on Sunday 26th March 11am-3pm at our beautiful location in Belper Lane End. We specialise in perennial vegetables and useful plants. We love to grow perennial plants which benefit our health and our soil. We also sell locally sourced inoculated biochar which can have tremendous benefits for soil health – you can find out more about it by joining our Soil Health Club.

What are the main benefits of perennials?

Perennial vegetables are great soil builders

Perhaps the best ecological benefit from perennials is their beneficial effect on soil. Bare soil quickly dries out, and can be eroded by wind and rain, especially in sloping gardens. Disturbing the soil also kills many beneficial elements of the soil food web, particularly some of the best kinds of beneficial fungi that share nutrients with crop plants.

Perennials improve organic matter, soil structure, and water holding capacity through the slow and steady decomposition of roots and leaves. Perennial vegetable gardens build soil the way nature intended—by allowing the plants to add more and more organic matter without disturbance, and letting the worms do the work of mixing it all together.

Perennials provide ecosystem benefits

Perennials provide critical habitat to a number of animal, fungal, and other life forms, many of which are highly beneficial in gardens.

Perennial vegetables extend the harvest season

Perennials often have different seasons of availability than annuals, perennial vegetables can “pad out” those times of the year when your annual garden doesn’t have much to offer.

Source: Eric Toensmeier’s Perennial Vegetables.

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