We’re a community of citizen gardeners, not a community garden. Everyone that visited our Spring plant sale today left with something new: in their brains, for their gardens, and some of them for their mouths. Plants, compost, food. My favourite was our youngest visitor munching on Taunton Deane kale leaves.

I’m excited for many more conversations with people about their gardens. Whether that’s at a garden consultation to help them make edible and useful garden plans. Maybe at a market where we answer anything asked about our plants. Or on one of our courses.

Growing a garden

We’ve scheduled a How to Grow A Garden day course on 15th April and I want more people to join us for it. It will help you gain confidence in seed sowing and raising seedlings, making new beds to grow them in, and taking cuttings to multiply perennials. The foundations of starting a garden. I’m offering subsidised places for half price: just £21 for the day.

I’m excited to work at the edge. To push it. And to help push you, towards more abundant yields: healthy soil, lots of food, fun and happiness!

Expanding edges

We are growing gardens and plants, we educate, and we are expanding our Soil Health Range. As well as talking with people and expanding our community this is what is exciting me most, right now.

We are offering biochar, sourced very locally that improves soils for maybe hundreds of years. We need to refine our process. I’d like to make some small worm bins to get more people composting with worms, we’ve lots to share. And we’re running trials of Bokashi and fermenting with bacteria and microbes. Soil Health Clubs get into all of this. We’re running Monday and Saturday sessions now.

I’m glad to have you along for the ride. I look forward to learning more from you and sharing stories of soil and garden cultures.

Learn more about what we do:

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