Supplied bareroot, so needs to be potted or planted when you get home. 2 year old plants approx. 60cm tall and bushy, that need to grow on before fruiting. 

A small, spiny plant, productive in semi-shade. Don’t require much maintenance at all. They give lots of sweet, red gooseberries. 

Plant in a sunny spot, same depth as it was in the nursery after soaking for 20 mins. Once established, plants usually crop abundantly every summer, for at least 10–15 years.
Great for jams and desserts. Gooseberries are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and the mineral manganese.

Contact to find out current price and to reserve for collection from our garden at Belper Lane End. We are open Saturday 10-12, Monday 10-3 and Friday 9.30-11.30 or by appointment. Stock is based on the time of year and price is dependent on the size of the plant.

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