Another plant which we are selling Black Lace Elder left me slightly flummoxed. Black Lace Elder, edible? We are all familiar with it for its dramatic black foliage and beautiful pink flowers but as an edible plant? But of course, elderberries! Black Lace Elder is not only visually stunning, it also has small red berries in the autumn that can be harvested and used in drinks and cooked into pies and crumbles. The flowers can also be used in the same way as their white counterpart for ‘Black Lace’ Champagne, which is pink! 

As a larger bush (growth can be up to three metres) this is probably better placed in a hedge, or grown up a wall. The growth rate isn’t spectacularly fast so don’t worry that you will be overfaced with something too big. It will survive a couple of seasons in a pot before you need to find a place for it. Now that is something worth raising a glass of champagne to.

Contact to see if we have it in stock, current price and reserve for collection.

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