Upland cress or land cress (Barbarea verna) is a great substitute for watercress and can be a delicious addition to salads and since it is hardy, it can make it right through the winter with some protection and will provide healthy and tasty green leaves over a long period.

Land cress is a blessing to the forest gardener as it provides an excellent ground cover in areas of cool, damp, partial or dappled shade. It is in fact in these conditions that it will perform at its best. It will do well when planted in the shade of trees or taller plants in a mixed cottage-style garden.

The plants should be cut on a regular basis while they are young and tender, so as to get the best from your crop. You should make sure that you keep taking because the more you take, the more the plants will be encouraged to continue to grow and this will prolong your harvest and ensure that you have a steady supply of the leaves for a longer period of time.

Land cress is not only a tasty green for use in salads and other dishes it is also extremely healthy with a great mix of vitamins and other nutrients that are needed for a balanced diet, including iron and calcium. 

Land cress is also useful as a ground cover which will protect the soil and help retain moisture under other garden plants or trees. In a layered permaculture approach to gardening, cress is a useful ground layer that can be used to great effect to make the most of the space in your garden.

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