Good King Henry

Spring greens are an ancient tradition that is well worth keeping alive, and Good-King-Henry (Cheno­pod­­­ium bonus-henricus) is an easy-to-grow herb rich in iron and vitamin C that blends well with such better-known potherbs as dandelions, nettles, and sorrel. Think of Good-King-Henry as a sort of perennial spinach, to which it is related. Stems up to … Continue reading Good King Henry


Mashua, Tropaeolum tuberosum, is a perennial cousin of the nasturtium. It comes from the cool, tropical highlands of the Andes, where it is grown as a food crop. You can boil, mash, roast or fry this Andean tuber. Even the leaves taste good Mashua is one of the most commonly cultivated tubers in the Andes mountains … Continue reading Mashua