What is an ice plant??

The Ice Plant is drought tolerant. It is a hardy succulent, perennial ground cover plant which produces daisy like flowers that bees love!! It is called Ice Plant because its flowers shimmer like they are covered in frost or ice. They bloom through summer and autumn and the foliage is mostly evergreen.

Ice Plants prefer full sun and since they are succulents they prefer dry soil.

You can eat the leaves. They are crunchy, juicy and with a gentle marine-like salinity, the ice plant is surprisingly versatile as an ingredient. You can eat it raw – the fleshy leaves are great in salads, giving the dish a nice salty crispiness; or steep it in boiling water to make tea. This hardy vegetable makes for a good stir-fry ingredient as it is able to retain its crunchiness after frying. Because of its slight salinity, ice plant makes a great complement to seafood. 

Contact to check availability, price and reserve your ice plant for collection.

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