Native to the UK, Babington’s Leek is one of the tastiest, low maintenance and easy to grow perennial vegetables.

It is thought that Babington’s Leek may originate from cultivation of vegetables by monks. It is named after Charles Cardale Babington, a botanist and contemporary of Charles Darwin.

All parts of this plant are edible. It is best to leave for first season to allow them to bulk up  Plants will die back over summer and appear again in the autumn. Harvesting time is usually around March to June. The whole leek can be cut off above the bulb which will regrow which is best to do before they send up flowering stalk (in second+ year). Leaves can be harvested and have a garlicky flavour.  Great in soups, cooked foods, salads, you can also pickle the bulbils. 

Can tolerate most soils and positions except full shade. 

Flowers umbelliforous  and purple in colour. Flowerheads are on long stalks and up to 10cm across. The heads are initially enclosed in a papery membrane which opens to show whitish green flowers. These turn pink to purple and some have secondary satellite heads.

Produces small green bulbils which can then be planted to increase stock.

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