Our outdoor kit was put to the test as we had a good workout, moving our first delivery of compost.

We moved 60 bags of compost 200 metres uphill to our growing area. With thanks to our trusty barrows. It soon warmed us up in the snow! Despite the forecast being clear, the white wet flakes came down heavily. Undettered, we were excited to be working outdoors, alongside each other (at some distance).

We’re pleased to have taken delivery of Sylvagrow peat free compost. We can get started sowing seeds, knowing we have a quality medium for them to grow in. Half of the plants on our stocklist will be started from seed this year. So, we couldn’t possibly make enough of our own compost. Sylvagrow is award winning and one of the best on the market, we know we can trust it doesn’t cause undue environmental harm. We are committed to never use peat in our growing.

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