Kale, the super food of millennials. Also popular with sheep. And rightly so!

Kale is a nutritious green, packed with vitamins. It’s particularly high in vitamin C and quite fittingly vitamin K!

Another super thing about kale is that it’s really easy to grow yourself. In my experience, all brassicas are easily grown from seed. You don’t need great warmth for germination, about 10 degrees is enough. So, they can be started early in the Spring. An even easier way of making more perennial kale plants is by cuttings.

This kale gives tender leaves, smaller than Taunton Deane and is again quite prolific.

It’s easy to nip out to the garden and pick a handful of leaves to add to a stir fry. Plenty leftover to feed the hens too. Just like Taunton Deane, it can be propagated by stem cuttings, though they take a little while to root and like to be kept just moist.

We’ll have plants of this variety available too.

To check availability, current price and to reserve your Daubenton’s Perennial Kale – please use the contact form below.

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