Plant profile: skirret

Sium sisarum. A perennial parsnip. Well, sort of. Skirret was a vegetable that the Romans introduced to the British isles. Probably from China before the Romans cultivated this forgotten root veg. It was a favourite of Emperor Tiberius – if that doesn’t sway you to include it in your garden, well… Skirret will reward youContinue reading “Plant profile: skirret”

Plant Profile: Jostaberry, Black Lace Elder

As the days finally become colder it’s worth taking stock of spaces in the garden or replacing small fruit shrubs that are no longer productive.  Every year I look at my fruit bushes at the end of the season, prune them, make a note of ones to be replaced and then curse myself the followingContinue reading “Plant Profile: Jostaberry, Black Lace Elder”

Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis

Earthed Up! grow edible and useful plants and we have a range of plants for dyeing fibres, such as perennials Madder and Dyers chamomile. The range also includes easy to grow plants such as Woad – a biennial giving blue colour, that can perennialise, and Dyer’s Coreopsis which is a hardy annual. You may knowContinue reading “Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis”