Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis

Earthed Up! grow edible and useful plants and we have a range of plants for dyeing fibres, such as perennials Madder and Dyers chamomile. The range also includes easy to grow plants such as Woad – a biennial giving blue colour, that can perennialise, and Dyer’s Coreopsis which is a hardy annual. You may knowContinue reading “Plant profile: Dyers Coreopsis”

Plant profile: Perennial kale

Kale, the super food of millennials. Also popular with sheep. And rightly so! Kale is a nutritious green, packed with vitamins. It’s particularly high in vitamin C and quite fittingly vitamin K! Another super thing about kale is that it’s really easy to grow yourself. In my experience, all brassicas are easily grown from seed.Continue reading “Plant profile: Perennial kale”

Plant profile: Minutina aka Erba Stella

Minutina is one of my new favourite edible perennials! It is apparently more popular and more widely known in Italy. Its latin name is Plantago coronopus. It is also known as Erba Stella and Bucks Horn Plantain. It is related to the plantains, such as Ribwort plantain and Greater Plantain. The wild plantains are alsoContinue reading “Plant profile: Minutina aka Erba Stella”