We’ve got loads to say on compost. Plenty to write, maybe some how to’s, comparisons, love letters. It’s true, we love compost.

Our friends over in Derby are running a Composting 101 course on 30 January in Markeaton. Check it out if you’re keen to learn how to get started at home or on your allotment, or if you’ll benefit from a refresher.

Using your compost

Oh it’s almost time! Can you feel it in your bones, at the end of your fingertips, as they leaf through the seed catalogues? (We don’t have one of those ourselves but we do have some seeds for sale). Yes, it’s nearly time to sow seeds!

This week is #seedweek so there are lots of resources being shared to learn more about seeds and seedsaving. More on that from us later.

In fact, we’ve already sown a fair few seeds in 2022. Toona sinensis is a tree, aka Chinese Mahogany – it needs some time in the cold before Spring sprouts the seed into growth. It’s called cold stratification. It’s the same for other species too, a fair amount of the perennials that we grow from seed. There’s plenty of plants we’re waiting to sow until warmer weather, though.

This video came along this week, it lured me in. I watched it last night, then went into the dark to check where my module trays are! It’s reminded me of lots and got me thinking. If you would like sound advice on giving vegetables a good start in life, watch this video from Charles Dowding. The module trays he uses are made by Containerwise, where ours came from.

If you’ve any questions about compost, the plants we grow and sell, or courses we are running, please just be in touch

And in case you didn’t know, we sell peat free compost and we deliver it within 10 miles of where we’re based in Belper.

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