Nitrogen is one of the major micronutrients required by plants. It is one of the most common factors limiting their growth in many ecosystems.

Most leguminous and some non-leguminous (actinorhizal) plants can form symbiotic relationships with bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia – a form that can be taken up and used by plants. This process is known as Nitrogen Fixation.

By including these nitrogen-fixing plants in our gardens we can take advantage of this process to build fertility.

Growing without harmful chemicals

We grow all our own plants. We don’t use any harmful chemicals. We use only natural feeds, no synthetic fertiliser.

Including nitrogen-fixing plants as support species helps us to build healthy soil, which grows healthy plants, giving nutritious food!

Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) growing with Black Velvet gooseberries in one of our nursery beds.

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