Now heralded as a healthy ‘superfood’, Taunton Deane is also known as ‘cottager’s kale’, which hints at its history: it used to be commonly grown in British vegetable gardens up until Victorian times. 

This perennial kale shines with its blue-green appearance, which is characteristic of many cabbage plants, and the leaf veins of ‘Taunton Deane’ are also strikingly purple. This is especially true in sunny locations, where the leaves colour more beautifully. Compared to the other two varieties, ‘Taunton Deane’ also seems to be somewhat more heat resistant. Test plantings have shown that growth hardly stops even in midsummer. 
The tree kale ‘Taunton Deane’ is also frost hardy down to about -15°C and can live up to about 10 years. Without pruning it grows to around 150 cm high; with regular pruning it grows wider and bushier.

Mild flavour. Younger, smaller leaves are good raw or cook the larger leaves. It produces leaves all through the year so will fill the ‘hungry gap’ in the early season.

Contact to find out current price and to reserve for collection from our garden at Belper Lane End. We are open Saturday 10-12, Monday 10-3 and Friday 9.30-11.30 or by appointment. Stock is based on the time of year and price is dependent on the size of the plant.

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