Black Peppermint is a vigorous grower that will grow happily in a container. You can pick the leaves when needed and freeze or dry the leaves for winter use. It flowers pale purple flowers which are great for pollinators. The leaves are dark green/ bronze. It is a hardy perennial which dies back in the the winter months to reshoot in spring.

This mint is the best choice for peppermint tea, which has medicinal uses it is said to aid digestion and combat flatulence. It can also be used in cooking such as peppermint chocolate desserts, mint sauce, garnishing salads and summer cocktails.

Sun/shade: Happy in sun or partial shade

Contact us to find out if we have Black Peppermint in stock and we can reserve it for collection from our garden at Belper Lane End during our opening hours Sat 10-12, Mon 10-3 and Fri 9.30-11.30

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