Moroccan mint looks very similar most common mint varieties but is more compact in shape. The leaves are a bright green color, with slightly toothed edges. The plant itself has soft stems and the leaves grow closely together. Pale purple flowers bloom in whirls at the tops of taller stems in late summer and early autumn; the flowers are edible. The leaves have an intense spearmint flavor that can be enjoyed fresh or dry. 

Moroccan mint is a hardy and bushy perennial with a wide variety of culinary uses, but it is most commonly used for making tea. For thousands of years, mint has been cultivated for medicinal use. 

Add Moroccan mint to vinegar for an excellent sauce to accompany lamb, or shred the fresh leaves over sautéed spring peas. Moroccan mint when used for tea, is most often steeped fresh with hot water poured over the leaves, which can be torn or broken to release more of the oil on the leaves. Keep leaves refrigerated, wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag for up to one week. Dehydrate Moroccan mint leaves in order to preserve them for future use. 

Contact to find out current price and to reserve for collection from our garden at Belper Lane End. We are open Saturday 10-12, Monday 10-3 and Friday 9.30-11.30 or by appointment. Stock is based on the time of year and price is dependent on the size of the plant.

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