Plant profile: Minutina aka Erba Stella

Minutina is one of my new favourite edible perennials! It is apparently more popular and more widely known in Italy. Its latin name is Plantago coronopus. It is also known as Erba Stella and Bucks Horn Plantain. It is related to the plantains, such as Ribwort plantain and Greater Plantain. The wild plantains are alsoContinue reading “Plant profile: Minutina aka Erba Stella”

Babies coming to life…..

At the beginning of our journey into building a plant Nursery…..It’s the 22nd of January and I’m excited to see the Sweet Cicely are coming up, along with Chervil. It’s hard to believe that they have liked the past month of frosty, snowy and rainy weather but there they are popping up. Chervil can beContinue reading “Babies coming to life…..”